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Legal, Inc. is a leading Document Production Company committed to your success by providing quality legal documents to aid you in your planning needs for business and personal asset protecton. Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. Our methods and products are designed to help you become more focused and effective. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations.




Estate Planning

We offer professional documentation in the above areas to provide structure, guidance and most of all protection.  We service both businesses and individuals in pursuit of planning documentation.  Experience the security and peace of mind knowing your estate has been preserved, protected and has a distribution plan that cannot be breached for succeeding generations.  


Our documents are many of the same high quality documents used by leading law firms and private practice atorneys across the United States.  The forms are provided to save you an abundance of time and money.  We also provide general information, specific instructions for execution, along with guides (as applicable) to assist you.   Documents are professionally rendered and formatted with minimal turn around. 

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